81R Handheld controller

All-in-one handheld controller that integrates operation and control
.7" touch screen unrestricted to the distance between the controller and the machinery
.Euipped with the Syntec SRI communication port, allows free IO, AD/DA, and PWM module extension
.Function customizable industry specific membrane button
.Optional hand wheel provides operation with higher precision
.Works seamlessly with Syntec's all-in-one drivers that make parameter adjustments fast and easy

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Injection molding arm specific screen

.Built-in reference point teaching, order modular process design

.Developed exclusively for injection molding HCI, I/O ports and monitoring configuration fits accustomed usage

.Provide online process modification, saves teaching time

Injection molding arm specific screen.png

Suports multi-axis insertion

.Follows CNC system's high-speed, high precision quality, supports path insertion and smooth speed programming

.Supports smooth corners to enhance pick-and-place productivity

.Provide multi-axis straight line order and can run with insertion

Advanced axis control with smooth path management.png

Secondary development preserves difference

.Provide secondary development application tool, can customize PLC, HCI, and MACRO according to user needs

.Support handheld box button customization, user can decide the corresponding functions.

.Provide modulated develop process, easily complies with PLC and HCI for process development completion

Secondary development preserves difference.png

Provide handheld box for easy teaching

.Dedicated lathe pick-place button names

.Virtual emergency stop button and safety switch

.Optional hand wheel according to needs

圖片1.pngABC_0220 copy-2 copy (1).png



Support model81R-G-MPG/81R-D Delta/81R-S Scara/81R-A Artic
RemarkContains handheld controller + FC adapter board
Network10/100 Mbps * 1
COM PortSRI *1
Server communicationM3 / EtherCAT

Max. no. of 

control axes

I/O connections (expandable)0I/0O(4096I/4096O)
Optional external handwheel

Independent handwheel

Handwheel handheld box

OptionalRemote monitoring, Vision、DA/AD、PWM

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