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As a deep cultivator in the field of motion control, Leantec Technology has always strived to provide customers with a smarter and more efficient service experience. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Leantec Technology has launched remote support activities, and hundreds of customers participated.

With the service cloud system and production cloud system, Leantec Technology breaks the restrictions of distance, equipment and personnel, providing customers with comprehensive technical support and helps in resuming production. Staffs respond to various customer needs through the combination of on-site service and cloud service, making the service smarter and more efficient!

Applicable scenario 1: Remote Debugging


Customers have requirements for servo adjustment or optimization such as axial / spindle, etc., which can be solved quickly using remote solutions


A customer reported that the flying knife pattern did not meet the standard.

Through SMB remote connection, the waveform was being analyzed. It was found that the feedback fluctuation of the spindle is relatively large. 

After re-debugging the spindle, the requirements were meet.

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Applicable scenario 2: Customized development


Customers often have requirements for specification changes, remote solutions can be used to quickly obtain backups for modification.



A customer reported that the oil consumption rate of machine tool rail is fast, having to be refueled within a few days.

After checking the customer PLC through SMB remote connection, it is found that the automatic lubrication time is set to oil once every 5 minutes, and 10 seconds for each time. Customers can change automatic lubrication to extended parameter control and modify the oiling interval.

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Applicable Scenario 3: Handling occasional exceptions


It is not easy to troubleshoot occasional problems. The problem diagnosis recorder can be used to retrieve the related information of controller / driver for a period of time. Once the problem occurs, it can be analyzed remotely.



A customer reported to occasional deviation of the aircraft processing size, and occasional collision of the aircrafts.

Realize remote real-time data collection and analysis by setting up SMB.

1- Judging that the deviation of the machining process is related to the deviation of the spindle matching, the problem is solved after remotely assisting the customer to modify the parameters.
2- Analyze the PLC time sequence data at the time of collision. The processing logic of the speed and position switching can be improved, and remotely assisting the modification After the application, the collision problem was solved.

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Leantec Technology uses cloud products to provide you with a complete solution. Based on device data, it helps companies build digital production links and intelligent factories. Service cloud system upload diagnostic data and problem information of devices to the cloud, and provide remote technology resources to improve service quality.

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