LEANTEC teamed up with SYNTEC to launch CNC-Robot integration solution
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According to the latest statistics from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), as the trade war eases, global industrial robot industry squats lower and jumps higher although robot shipments declined slightly in 2019. It is expected that from 2020 to 2022, there will be an average of 12% rapid growth per year.

Based on this trend, SYNTEC Technology and LEANTEC Intelligence have launched the CNC-ROBOT integration solution for the metal cutting industry, which perfectly combines machine tools and robots, greatly improving the friendliness of installation and operation.


Built-in Robot for Machine Tool: Robot arm is a standard part of machine tool!

We believe that in the next 5 to 10 years, robot arms will become a standard accessory for all machine tools, and every machine will be equipped with one robot arm as standard.

When designing the machine tool, automatic pick-and-place application was taken into account, and the arm installation position and the material tray was reserved. Factories can purchase robot arm as accessory based on their needs; and can install and remove robot arm by themselves to meet the demand for flexible production.

Therefore, LEANTEC robot arm is designed to be lightweight that can be installed by merely one person. Furthermore, it can be highly integrated with CNC, which is shaped as the plug-and-play intelligent robotic arm. Partnered with SYNTEC CNC controller, they are the best CNC-ROBOT Integration solution!

Mobile Robot solution: Small-volume, large-variety and movable trolley with a robot arm!

For machine tools without the arm installation interface, LEANTC provides a robot arm trolley solution.

According to the demand of the production line, the trolley can be pushed to the side of the machine at any time to realize automatic loading and unloading.

The arm controller provides a quick connection for CNC machine tools of different brands; with the vision tray system, it can meet the need of flexible production!


In addition to the display of CNC-Robot Integration solution, we also exhibited metal processing CNC controller products such as sheet tube applications, laser applications, and cloud solutions to assist customers in the intelligent layout of machine tools and factories.


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